School Closing Information

School(s):All Schools in District
School List...
Brandywine High School
Brandywine Intensive Learning Center
Brandywood Elementary School
Carrcroft Elementary School
Charles W. Bush School
Claymont Elementary School
Claymont Gifted Program
Concord High School
Darley Road Elementary
David W. Harlan Elementary School
Forwood Elementary School
Hanby Middle School
Lancashire Elementary School
Lombardy Elementary School
Maple Lane Elementary School
Mount Pleasant Elementary School
Mount Pleasant Gifted Program
Mount Pleasant High School
Pierre S. duPont Elementary School
Quest Academy
Springer Middle School
Talley Middle School

Closing/Delay Information:
No After-School Activities
Comments:Due to the snow ALL afternoon and evening District activities have been
cancelled. The YMCA and Maple Lane After Care programs will continue unless
otherwise noted by those individual groups. They will contact the families
involved directly.

The school day will continue on a regular schedule through dismissal.

A decision regarding school closing will be made and communicated by 6:00AM
Wednesday morning.

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