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Committees GABill/Resolution NumberOrig. Auth.ChairmanDate Passed HouseDate Passed Senate
Committee to Advance Educator Compensation and Careers148HJR 706/18/201506/30/2015
Delaware Anti-Dumping and Anti-Littering Task Force148HCR 4001/28/201603/24/2016
Department of Elections Voting Equipment Selection Task Force148HB 342State Election Commissioner06/21/201606/09/2016
Extending the Deadline for the Port of Wilmington Expansion Task Force148HCR 4801/13/201601/13/2016
Extending the Deadline for the Port of Wilmington Expansion Task Force148HCR 6504/12/201604/14/2016
Extending the Deadline for the School Retention and Social Promotion Task Force.148HR 603/17/2015
Extending the Deadline for the Statewide Services for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind148HR 501/29/2015
Financial Literacy Education in Delaware Schools Task Force148HJR 4Rep. Ruth Briggs King01/19/201601/28/2016
Financial Management Procedures of Volunteer Fire Companies Task Force148HCR 9506/23/201606/23/2016
Health Plan Task Force148HS 1 FOR HB 225Ann Visalli Director 07/01/201507/01/2015
Noise Control Task Force148HR 4007/01/2016
Port of Wilmington Expansion Task Force148HCR 3806/23/201506/24/2015
School Retention and Social Promotion Task Force148HR 23
Statewide Afterschool Initiative Learning Task Force (SAIL)148HR 3906/29/2016
Sussex County Tech. School District Property Tax Review Committee148HCR 201/22/201501/22/2015
Traffic Fines Working Group148HR 2106/30/2015
Wilmington Education Improvement Commission148HB 148Appointed by Governor06/23/201506/18/2015
Centralizing Internet Resources Task Force147HCR 31Executive Director and
Council Chairperson of Governor's Advisory Council
for Exceptional Citizens
Child Support Collection Task Force`147HCR 29Members of Task Force will choose06/20/201306/25/2013
Child Welfare Data Sharing Task Force147HJR 5Chief Judge of Family Court or designee06/20/201301/23/2014
Communications Tax Review Group147HJR 6Rep. Darryl Scott06/20/201307/01/2013
DSD-Statewide Task Force147HR 20Selected by Task Force06/27/2013
DSD-Statewide Task Force147HR 42Selected from members07/01/2014
EMS Task Force147HB 215Sen. Bruce Ennis06/30/201306/30/2013
Enrollment Preference Task Force147HB 90Rep. Kimberly Williams
Sen. Nicole Poore
Extending the Reporting Date of the DSD-Statewide Task Force147HR 3104/30/2014
Family Caregiving Task Force147HCR 57A Rep. Dept. of Health & Social Services05/15/201406/05/2014
Gifted and Talented Task Force147HJR 13HCR 5706/30/201306/30/2013
Route One Pedestrian Safety Task Force147HR 22Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf Co-Chair
Sec. DelDOT, Shailen Bhatt Co-Chair
Teen Driver Task Force147HR 17Office of Highway Safety06/20/2013
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